Windows 7 is fast and consumes less memory than Vista

Load multiple drivers at the same time, reduce service counts at startup, and push graphical interface management tasks to the GPU, so Windows 7 product key starts up faster and costs less RAM than Vista does.
Microsoft  office 2016 product key said Thursday that Windows 7 will boot up and shut down faster, take up less memory space, consume less power, identify the device faster. and more precisely "predecessor" Windows Vista.
Jon DeVaan, senior vice president of Windows Embedded Platforms, said that although the development was based on Vista, the Windows 7 startup time was at least a few seconds shorter than Vista. Load multiple device drivers at once, not one device at a time as in Vista. In addition, Windows 7 will also cut the number of services that are started with the operating system.
Windows 7 consumes less memory than Vista when operating in multiple windows simultaneously, with the next version of Windows operating system responsible for managing these windows to the graphics card.
The Windows 7 kernel, DeVaan said, will be improved to allow the operating system to control the processor chip idle for much longer than Vista. Test results show that battery life on laptops running Windows 7 is higher than when Windows Vista is up to 11%.
Steven Sinofsky, Senior Vice President of Windows and Windows Live, at this year's WinHEC conference, reaffirmed plans for Windows 7 to be widely tested early next year.
In addition, Sinofsky and Mike Angiulo, senior executives of Microsoft's Windows PC, also demonstrated that Windows 7 product key can run on the Asus EeePC netbook with only 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. SSD.
The two leaders also demonstrated how Windows 7 professional product key recognizes the devices that are connected to the system. When the device is connected, Windows 7 will open a small pop-up window at the corner of the screen. Clicking on it will open the DeviceStage window providing information from the device manufacturer itself to help the user.
In addition, all Microsoft executives have confirmed that all new Windows 7 updates will only be included if all hardware manufacturers have tested and certified their products. complete with this operating system.

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