The US Navy paid Microsoft $ 9 million to continue using Windows XP

Despite the fact that Windows XP has been "killed" Microsoft and launched the new version to replace, the US Navy continues to use. It even paid Microsoft $ 9 million to continue using the operating system for up to 14 years.
Microsoft officially "killed" Windows XP last April and stopped supporting and releasing patches on the operating system. However, Windows XP is still one of the most popular Windows versions of Windows, many of which still run Windows XP product key.
To ensure the safety of using this operating system, many corporations, agencies ... pay Microsoft a large amount of money to be US software vendors continue to support their own, help overcome the vulnerability Security appears on Windows XP. Among these large corporations are the US Navy.
In a new announcement, the US Navy said it plans to upgrade the Windows product key operating system used on its computer systems and is expected to complete the upgrade in July. / 2016. This time may be longer if things are not going well.
During that time, the US Navy will sign an agreement to continue supporting the Windows XP operating system on its computers until June 2017. US Navy will pay up to $ 9 million in exchange for support from Microsoft.
Although the US Navy and Microsoft did not disclose the amount of detail that computers running Windows XP in the US Navy needed to continue to support, however, the amount paid up to $ 9 million indicates the number This machine is not small.
"The US Navy relies on a number of applications and programs that run on Windows products. Until these applications and software are modernized or eliminated, the continuity of services is required to sustain the operations in an efficient manner, "said Steven Davis, war the Navy said.
Microsoft has said it will officially "kill" and stop supporting Windows XP from April 2014, but the US Navy has not made the decision to upgrade its computer system until the deputy. Admiral Ted Branch, deputy commander in chief of the Navy, asked to upgrade from the Windows XP version, or to remove computer systems that could not be upgraded to the new version until April 30, 2015.
Although the deadline has expired, so far the number of US Navy computers upgraded to the new version of Windows has been negligible, including computer systems for warships and submarines. ... has not been upgraded yet.
Notably, the US Navy is in trouble with Windows XP's death. About 44 percent of US companies are still using Windows XP on at least one computer. Most ATMs in the world are still running on Windows XP.
Launched in August 2001, Windows XP is considered the most successful Windows version of Microsoft, with an estimated one billion sold until April 2014. According to market research firm NetMarketShare, although it has been dead for more than a year, but currently nearly 15% of computers around the world are using Windows XP, behind Windows 7 product key, with 60.98 % and Windows 8.1, with 13.12%.

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