Old Windows After Up Windows 10 Fall Creator 1709 (Regarding Win 7, 8, 10)

Have a tutorial on upgrading to Windows 10 pro product key Fall Creator. Windows 10 Fall Creator claims that it is an upgrade to use. However, for some reason you want to return to the old Windows after the Windows 10. The following article will help you return to the "old place" with no loss of data.
The condition of old windows after Windows 10 product key
+ Only for the old Win within 10 days of upgrading to Win 10. Maybe 10 days is enough time to explore the new features of Win 10 1709 Fall Creator. If the new Win does not convince you, then decide on the old Win soon.
Do not delete the Previous Windows installation item when using Disk Cleanup
How about old windows after Windows 10
Way 1: About old Win through Recovery in Windows Update
Press the Windows key + I
Select Update & security
Select Recovery, and then click Get started.
Option 2: About old Win through Advanced Options
To get old windows after getting into Windows 10, you need to boot your computer into Advanced options. Simply hold Shift and press Restart. After the computer restarts, select Troubleshoot.
Select Advanced Options.
In Advanced options, select Go back to the Previous version. This is the option to allow you to old windows after going to Windows 10. Next step you just select the account and enter the password. Then select confirm as "journey back to start". You need to be patient until the process is complete.

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