Eat Drink Shrink Review  As we desire to eat things with health benefits for longevity sake, one food you might consider thinking about adding to your diet is strawberries. Select strawberries that are deep red in color and are free of mold. Get them from markets directly supplied by the farmers. Be careful that you don't buy berries that are too tightly packed in order to prevent damage. Prepare them in salads, smoothies or on their own. Eat them when they are very red in color because this is when they have their nutrient density and the period they taste best. Do these things and you'll enjoy the health benefits from eating strawberries? Here are the benefits.

If you are serious about improving your running or taking your fitness up a notch, maintaining a running or fitness journal is highly advisable if not essential for many reasons. When increasing fitness over time, tracking and monitoring has proven time and time again to be an essential method for athletes to discover more about their abilities and limitations.

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