Activities Involved in Each Phase of Essay Writing

Majority of the people find sentence creation a hard job when it comes to essay writing. If students can plan their essays with a positive attitude, then they will realize that essay writing is not as hard as they think it is. Essay writing can become boring unless students have ideas for their essay topics. Students need to conduct thorough research on an essay question to compose a high-quality essay. If they do that, then they will get a valuable piece of information for their essay.


Essay writing has three phases, which are a prewriting phase, the writing phase, and the post-writing phase. All essay writing phases have their own importance, and these phases should be given critical attention by the students. Here are the major activities involved in each phase of essay writing:


  1. The Pre-Writing Phase: In this phase, the author will decide which topic his/her essay should cover. Deciding about an essay topic is crucial, as students can get attention for an interesting topic than a boring one. How fascinating a topic depends on how pertinent it is to the target audience. Students need to conduct research in this phase in order to realize what he or she needs to write down about the topic on hand. This phase is very crucial, as it will help the writer to narrow down the available piece of content to specific points in order to attract the target audience.


  1. The Writing Phase: It is the main phase of essay writing. It is a phase, where you will have the opportunity to express your opinions on the topic. So, you will need to meet the expectations of your audience. The outline will serve as your guide on how to write an effective essay.


In the first place, your essay should have an introduction. The introduction is a vital section of an essay, as it will determine the readability of your essay. The introduction should be divided into three parts. The first part of an introduction will be an attention grabber, the second part will be the background information, and the last part will be a conclusion. 


Secondly, you will be discussing your thesis statement in detail in the main body of an essay. This section of your essay will cover the questions, such as what, when, where, who, and how. You should review the relevant literature in this section of an essay.


The third and last section in the writing phase is the conclusion. You will need to summarize your findings and restate the thesis statement in this phase.


  1. The Post-Writing Phase: You need to proofread your written essay in this phase. Proofreading will help you minimize contextual and grammatical errors from your essay. Students should thoroughly check their essay through proofreading to ensure that their essay write-ups are meeting the standards set by their professors.


Essay writing must be as simple as mentioned above. You need discipline and perfect writing skills to write a perfect essay.



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Comentario de Isabelle Rignall el marzo 11, 2019 a las 12:35pm

Hello. Thanks for the good article. You're right, writing an essay is really not as difficult as most students think. But, nevertheless, each essay, whether descriptive, analytical, systematic, etc., has its own key points that must be considered when writing a paper.

Comentario de Alan Max el mayo 9, 2019 a las 9:10am

All these three phases are truly inspiring to write a ideal essay. You know I was looking for this sort of information for custom coursework help. In particular "The Writing Phase" is very significant I signify. By the way, I believe a student must follow these things are mention above in piece of writing. Thanks!

Comentario de Kate Daisy el julio 22, 2019 a las 5:40am

I am looking to learn more, the article is very good 


Comentario de Kate Fox el martes

writing personal statement plagiarism free can be tough if you are not prepared for it. The first thing that you have to do is to ponder ideas for your essay. Think of a few relevant examples which can be included in supportive sentences. Jott down that ideas to see how much you have. After that you can only proceed to writing. Start your introduction with a catchy sentence. Then make your body paragraph attractive for readers, add linking words. In conclusion summerize everything that was said in your essay.

Comentario de John el miércoles

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