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Lexmark Printer Support

Lexmark printer support experts have effective and reliable solutions for it. You just need to whip out the phone and dial the…Continuar

Inició Ago 23

Gallery Go vs Google Photos: Which One Is Better

Google Photos is amongst the best gallery as well as backup apps for your smartphone’s media, photos and videos. By turning on Google Photos on your device, users are able to back up the media saved…Continuar

Etiquetas: Photos, Smartphones, Google, Gmail, Go

Inició Ago 1

How to Fix Mac Headphones Not Working

Some of the Mac users who have already updated their macOS to its updated version are facing a problem with their operating system not getting any sound from headphones. In case you are facing the…Continuar

Etiquetas: MacOs, headphones, MAc, Mac

Inició Jun 26

How to Export Gmail Emails to HTML

It is better to export Gmail emails to HTML file which opens in the web browser. When you complete this process, the emails keep their hyperlinks, pictures, text formatting, and it only takes some…Continuar

Etiquetas: import, pdf, html, gmails, export

Inició Jun 12


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Fix: Google Assistant Won’t Play Music

In two simple words, you can define Google Assistant as a virtual assistant. Basically, its function is to allow you to control your smartphone using voice commands. For instance, it can make appointments and send messages. It can play songs as well. There can be many reasons behind the Google Assistant not playing the music. Some of the reasons can be issues related to the Google application, the connected Google account of yours or else the order/command that you give for playing the…


Publicado el agosto 29, 2019 a las 6:16am

How to Remove Background Graphics in PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint has many themes which you can use in your presentation to make it more attractive. It is well-organized, and it will save you a lot of time which you can utilize in creating the presentation. Do you want to remove background graphics in Microsoft PowerPoint? Then go through the steps mentioned in this article.



Publicado el agosto 28, 2019 a las 3:59am

How to Fix the Selected Disk is Not a Fixed MBR Disk

Are you encountering the selected disk is not a fixed MBR disk error? Then, follow the instructions mentioned in this article. You can fix this by converting the disk to MBR, fixing the boot manager and turning on the UEFI in BIOS.

Here’s how to fix the selected disk is not a fixed MBR disk

· Convert the Disk to MBR 

1. In case the computer is slow, start using the installation media for installing Windows for…


Publicado el agosto 27, 2019 a las 1:55am

How to View and Use Twitch Chat in Game

Most of the Twitch users have one dream in their life, to own two gaming monitors. One for gaming or creating content and other for having conversations with other users and audience. Sadly not everyone can own two monitors in their home do to the lack of sufficient space and money.

With a single monitor, the Twitch users can’t talk while in the game. They can only read and answer comments when a match or a game session ends. It is an awkward situation for Twitch…


Publicado el agosto 21, 2019 a las 2:46am

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