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Discusiones de bernardatkins

Bernard Atkins

Hey, I'm the new guy. My name is Bernard. I've been reading here for years but have just joined. I enjoy Darts and have made it a regular part of my life. I drive a TVR Sagaris. It's my dream car…Continuar

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Inició Feb 18


Página de bernardatkins

Hello, My name is Bernard and I live in Seattle. It's really cool to find an entire community of people interested in the same thing you are. I listen to mostly Acid jazz, but my favorite singer is Robert Plant. I'm training to be a Merchandise displayer. It's hard but worth it. I am very interested in self improvement and have worked hard that last two years to lose weight. I like to play football on Sundays with my team. If anyone is interested in chatting, feel free to message me.

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