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Belgian Government Launches Criminal Investigation Into EA Over "Illegal" FIFA Loot Boxes 3

According to Metro's report, the way it is is now the topic of a criminal investigation with the Brussels public prosecutor's office. If it decides to…Continuar

Etiquetas: 19, FIFA

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FIFA 19 Improvements Will Be Immediately Noticeable In Switch Version 2

So we rewrote the way you do AI in Switch and after this they play a lot more like humans, a lot more like how I would play, 'I make my head, I create, I need to do this' then I go and execute it,…Continuar

Etiquetas: 19, FIFA

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MapleStory 2 Players Keep Submitting And Selling Bigoted Items To The Shop

Players from the kid-friendly MMO MapleStory 2 claim that the player-created item shop is rife with racism and anime porn. The Maple Story 2 team told Kotaku which they “actively monitor the Design…Continuar

Etiquetas: 2, MapleStory

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Alpha test MapleStory 2 will begin on September 17

Nexon has announced that MMORPG MapleStory 2 will enter the alpha test phase on September 17th. "">And a set of…Continuar

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