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The melee battle rebalancing in "Path of Exile" will undergo large-scale reforms

After the Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games confirmed that the rebalancing of the game melee fighting will be implemented in June 2019. This update focuses on improving combat animation,…Continuar

Etiquetas: Exile, 3.7.0, of, Path, Currency

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Path of Exile developers hope to make melee fighting less cumbersome

Grinding Gear, the developer of Path of Exile, wants to make the next reform. The focus of the reform is on the melee fighting of the game. The original intention is to let the player have a better…Continuar

Etiquetas: 3.6,POE, Currency, Exile, Exile,Path, of

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Star Wars: The Old Republic is undergoing a new expansion, which can be called shock

About BioWare's long-established MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic has won its last expansion pack for three years. However, this situation will change in September after the newly announced impact…Continuar

Etiquetas: SWTOR

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In Path of Exile's Incursion update you cross time to craft the ideal dungeon

Path of Exile players like to go fast—and I mean, really fast. They whip through levels, vaporizing countless monsters with all the staccato clicking of these mouse and keyboard. It's fun to push…Continuar

Etiquetas: POE

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