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Bernard Atkins

Hey, I'm the new guy. My name is Bernard. I've been reading here for years but have just joined. I enjoy Darts and have made it a regular…

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Christian Scoffield

I'm Christian. I don't know what I should put here. I enjoy Element collecting with my friends which we try to every weekend. I am in my f…

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Bill Mcgregor

Hi, I'm Bill. I am still finding my way around here but have been reading for quite some time. My favorite TV shows are Top Gear, The Vamp…

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Calvin Foster

Hello there! I'm not quite sure what to say about myself. A Passage to India is one of my all-time favorite novels but I have many. My hob…

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Madden NFL 18 doesn't abatement into either category

Sports amateur are about checked out abnormally than abounding added genres. A lots of years, gamers pony up $60 to get a adventitious to e…

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Leonard Broderick

Hello everyone, I am Leonard. Most people say I'm the nicest guy they know. Currently, My favorite TV show is Oz. I have a part time job i…

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Thomas Greer

What's up? I'm so excited to find an entire community of people like me. I go to a lot of concerts, but my favorite musician is Ray Charle…

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0 el domingo

Shawn Holgate

What's up? I'm still finding my way around here but have been reading for quite some time. My favorite TV shows are Rome, Following, The V…

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Peter Gibbins

Hey guys, I'm Peter. I just joined this awesome community! I listen to mainly Neofolk, but my favorite singer is Gladys Knight. I actually…

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Daniel Welton

Hello there! I finally signed up here! My all time favorite bands are Ben Folds Five, Collective Soul and Cocteau Twins. I'm in my second…

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