You Can Now Play 'Old School Runescape' On Your Phone 2

Old School Runescape is one with the most beloved MMORPGs of them all. It consistently pulls 1000s of viewers on Twitch, and in RS Mobile Gold some cases more players are in-game at a moment.

Now, these dedicated players can log into the experience from anywhere on his or her Android or iOS devices. To download the app, hunt for "Old School Runescape" on Google Play or iTunes. Or, tap here if you are on mobile.

The mobile version of Old School Runescape is only a method to Buy RS Gold participate in the full desktop game on your own phone. The app isn't a standalone instance of the sport either- it gives you " full cross-platform support along with a mobile-optimised interface." Basically, it does not take Old School Runescape you know and love, and you are able to login for your existing account to go on right that you left off on desktop.

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