The main thrust of MapleStory 2 Gold for Sale

Nexon’s incredibly popular sidescrolly MMO MapleStory is preparing for two new updates september that’ll “allow players to MapleStory 2 Gold for Sale bolster their characters with job skills, fight in new areas and travel with a new planet.”The first, coming in June and dubbed Override: Evolve, opens 5th job advancement skills for those classes, updates the Legion System, and retools the Omega Sector with new maps as well as a new boss.Override: Venture, sends players on the planet of Eluna for mining (joy!) and adds a fresh area called Arcana that revolves across the spirit tree.

All may not be so dandy for MapleStory’s sequel in Korea. MMO Culture is reporting that MapleStory 2 is struggling overseas even while it eyes a western release inside the future. Nexon is pushing out an update who's’s calling the Restart patch with significant changes for the title.

The main thrust of Restart is usually to act on community concerns to the MMO. Big changes using the patch including a nerf to dungeon difficulty, a decrease in feature requirements, plus more bonuses for those.Even in case you don’t speak Korean (and you’re amazing, and that means you probably do), it is possible to get a feel for some with the changes coming using this type of patch in a very video following break.

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