How can we overlook it? The next major issue is that of the six-seater wagon, Bob Jennings reports. NO, IT'S NOT exactly the rebirth of this aged all-bench-seat Falcon cab package, nor even a slimline people move. The six-seater fits the new family dynamic; 2 parents, a couple of kids and space to get a couple of mates, along with a versatile load area. Ford Australia design manager Simon Butterworth said the fad was packed in such a way that it was acceptable to adolescent kids who refused to be seen scaling to a people move. DaimlerChrysler, famous for some pioneering design concepts (consider the Prowler, PT Cruiser, Viper and Crossfire to get a little bit of variety) will soon start the production of this Pacifica,

The trick to its design layout is just three rows of 2 seats. Attempting to pack seven or eight seats into a car that looks sexy has not been hugely successful. But prune it to six, together with the 3 rows, as well as also the parameters become more wieldy in the design point of view, Butterworth said. The Pacifica is a hunky-looking wagon and despite the fact that it is two-wheel-drive there's no reason that the notion could not be extended to the wheel-drive to further its appeal. Butterworth said the Ford R7 concept designed in Australia was a "crystal ball" pointing the way to the sorts of things that were possible on the regional Ford system, and where to six-seater may be based.

Holden has broadly hinted at that, also, is looking quite seriously at the thought as it expands the variety of two-and four-wheel-drive models that sit on the Commodore platform. "People are looking for a whole lot more variety in the things they choose within their cars they are looking at things that suit their lifestyles," Butterworth said. "So a family with a couple of kids needs something with which they may take a couple of the kids' mates into the footy or netball." This is really where these vehicles have been targeted; it is a large area of ​​opportunity "Apparently the title means" eagle's wing "in Japanese, along with the car's spacious interior has a low, flat ground and long wheelbase that provide room for six" captain's chairs ",

The back doors first open outwards then slide back, providing an opening which extends into the roof, allowing passengers to walk in the car or truck. The front doors open at right angles into the bodywork to boost access. Mazda people say that the wash will not be constructed in its present form, but observers say that it is the groundwork for its eventual replacement of the aging MPV. 
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Read this as meaning that perhaps some of those catchy door technology features may be simplified, however, the designers are thinking along precisely the same lodging lines and they are not pursuing the ubiquitous people-move fashion. Chrysler refers to this Pacifica, as to "sports tourer" and says it is going to be on sale before midyear. "There is not any other car like Pacifica from the market. Using its low step-in elevation, three rows of seats and car-like handling, there's no question the Chrysler Pacifica will redefine the massive automobile marketsegment." It'll be powered with a 3.5-liter V6 with about 187 kilowatts of power.

Holden chief designer Michael Simcoe said the two-by-two-by-two seating in non-people Agency bodywork indicated a significant shift.

"However, what impressed me about the Chrysler was that it was a production model" He reckons the six-seaters will be more than a market segment of themarket. From the model of designers that seems to get a brotherhood which crosses company boundaries, he said: "Everybody will have something similar to this." Simcoe said wagons were still selling in Europe, but this last variant would reintroduce wagon-style transport to the US and could possibly lure American buyers in their love affair with "trucks", as they phrase large four-wheel-drives and utes.

"This is a car that is a lot more comfortable than a people mover andit may be based on either a two-wheel-drive or even all-wheel-drive platform," he said, adding that being based on a car platform, it could be a far easier automobile to enter and depart and also a nicer vehicle to push than conventional large four-wheel-drivesthat have bodywork sitting along with a separate chassis. "Chrysler has completed exactly what Australia has done quite successfully in the past, in preserving interior space inside as small an outside bundle as possible.

" He said the partnership to six-seaters was enabled with a buoyant automobile industry where companies and their designers may be adventurous and explore alternatives to conventional forms. THE ORIGINAL Trevor Creed, Chrysler's senior vice-president of design, unveiled this first idea of the six-seater Pacifica in the North American International Auto Show at Detroit 12 months past. EURO VARIATION In Europe, wagons are considered as sporty and lifestyle-oriented, giving rise to such vehicles as the brand new Volvo XC90, a crossover car combining wagon styling using all-road mechanical features.

MERCEDES FEELER Mercedes-Benz stuck to the water using a 3 rows of 2 seats design a year ago as it unveiled the Vision GST notion in Detroit. NISSAN KINO Back in the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan showed how designers had been approaching the six-seater thought as it was revealed that the Kino six-seater idea. The Kino showed signs of attempting to escape out of the people inspector mold. ELEMENTARY Honda has researched the versatile lifestyle concept that is an alternative to conventional 4WDs using all the Element wagon, that is currently in production in the US. Although just a four-seater, the seating is flexible and the back seats fold to get a horizontal floor.

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