Shotgun encountered serious bugs in Fortnite Battle Royale, Epic Games headache solved

Recently, Fortnite Battle Royale has officially surpassed Minecraft to become the most watched game in the world. ">Epic Games, however, have had a headache with a very serious bug related to the shotguns in the game.

In recent days, on the Reddit forum has appeared many topic error on the Fortnite Items for sale shotgun. Most of the bugs are related to the damage of this gun. Gamers complained they were away from their opponents by a dozen meters but still one shotgun knocked down. "">Damage is up to 150 and only shoots at the person, while even the strongest sniper also needs a head-shot to knock down opponents.

On the other hand, other gamers complained that the melee damage was too bad. During one of her streams, the female streamer fired a shotgun straight at the Fortnite Weapons opponent's head from close range. "">However, the system only shows damage from 9 to 10 dmg.

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