RuneFest 2018: ‘RuneScape’ Is About to Take the World by Storm on Mobile 4

Again, I had no idea what to anticipate of RuneFest, having never been before, but found it being fairly odd that by this time all I had seen was this auditorium which had been walled off by floor to ceiling black curtains. As the opening ceremony started, I figured maybe this can be all there was for the event? …Then at the end with the opening ceremonies, they raised the black curtains walling away from the auditorium as well as in one massively dramatic reveal welcomed attendees for this full, blown-out fantasy world- It was almost like the events team at Jagex built a theme park, inside of your convention center, for starters day, only for fans of RuneScape. I’d never witnessed anything this way before at a computer game event, and I’ve been gonna these sort of things for RS Mobile Gold any decade now.

The cadence on the day for attendees involved watching different panels and presentations for the main stage, chilling out and doing different game-centric challenges inside the fantasy land setup, mingling with players and what appeared like an army of Jagex staff, and heading upstairs with a enormous room setup with numerous PCs to try out all of the new issues that were announced at RuneFest. In a means it felt like a much more intimate Blizzcon, and I never really was capable to figure out if everyone just knew all others there, or if the RuneScape playerbase only agreed to Buy RS Gold be that friendly- Either way, the vibe was infectious in support of pushed me deeper along the rabbit hole of falling head over heels for the 17 year-old MMORPG.

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