PUBG and Fortnite too hot Warface is also launching new Battle Royale 2

In this mode, players will also experience the feeling "alone in the world" when all gunmen will have to find ways to kill each other. However, the main difference is that HUNT will apply the scoring rule, with the "dogtag" unit. Each defeated target will fall out to Buy Fortnite Items a Dogtag and the most pick up Dogtag will be the winner. "">Of course, this game still applies the revival mechanism and does not possess many features of a very hard-core survival game.
Meanwhile, the new gameplay mode called "Last Man Standing" from Warface uses a similar approach to HUNT, but adds a "rounder" mechanism to PUBG and possibly the rules of the game. "">"Survival," do not apply the scoring mechanism, revive that directly kill the enemy, typical of the Battle Royale mode.
Currently, information on Fortnite Items for sale this new mode is still very limited and not enough for players to imagine the specific. We will continue to update interesting information about the upcoming game in Vietnam in the next issue.

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