Path of Exile PS4 delayed to early Feb 2019

The PlayStation 4 version of Path of Exile is delayed to early February 2019, its developers have said.The PS4 version on the Path of Exile Currency action role-playing game was due out in December 2018, but was delayed caused by certification issues.

Certification is the procedure video games must proceed through in order to receive approval to file for on consoles from your first-parties, like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

In a post around the Path of Exile website, Grinding Gear Games apologised to the delay."We underestimated the number of work it would choose to use finish the certification process in the busy Christmas period. While we aspire to have everything ready in January, we presume a much bigger comfortable promising early February like a target release window. This can even give us time for you to work on game performance / framerate, which we're feeling could be improved before release.

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