It’s big, it’s flashy, and also by god can it be absolutely dumb—but all inside the most celebratory possible way. Blizzard World is BlizzCon turn on Fortnite Weapons . There are statues of major Warcraft characters, a StarCraft arcade, plus a Diablo ride scarier than anything out with the Haunted Mansion. It’s an Easter egg hunter’s dream, plus it’s inarguably one in the most colorful (if gaudy) maps available. Are you really planning to knock “Snaxxaramas?”


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Blending the youthful modernity of Japan featuring its solemn past, Hanamura can be an idyllic blend between old and new. The attention to detail is staggering. Cherry blossom trees emit pink light, arcade games scream for attention, and also the subtle lighting from the Fortnite Items for sale temple, making Hanamura Overwatch’s best point capture map undoubtedly. It even includes minor details on the “Dragons” animated short, including Hanzo’s arrow stuck inside temple floor. Now that’s classy.

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