Fortnite: How did Battle Royale fake the whole of PUBG? 5

There are countless different numbers to choose from for the number of players in a game. 64-80-100-120-130-150 ... But when PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds debuted, game makers needed to have a specific countdown count for the main gameplay mode, and they decided that the 100 It's even, just round, it's not too big compared to the map area, a reasonable number.

Enough for Fortnite Items gamers wandering, find build stuff that still ensure the competitiveness, variety for the gaem. But not every game needs 100, but instead, they can increase, reduce the area of ??the game, change the game experience to create another game atmosphere that.

But no, with Fortnite, that number is 100 true.

And unlike PUBG, due to the lack of financial backing in the early stages, there were a number of technical issues that were not worth the effort. Fortnite, which has had a lot of help, invested both technical, financial and experience copies straight from PUBG to Buy Fortnite Items better refine comfortably in terms of compatibility, smoothness in the experience game.

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