Competing against PUBG, Fortnite launched the Open Beta version in Korea 2

First launched on September 26, 1977, Fortnight's Battle Royale gameplay became immediately the focus of the gaming community around the world with Fortnite Items for sale nearly identical gameplay style. At that time it was PUBG. Not only that, demanding a much more popular, but much more free, configuration makes Fortnite Battle Royale more and more popular. ">To date, the Epic Games franchise is a major threat to PUBG's dominance in many of the game markets in the world, including Vietnam.

Most recently, Fortnite Battle Royale also broke its own record when it reached 40 million registered accounts and broke the milestone of Fortnite Weapons at the same time. And certainly with the launch of the game in Korea, surely this game will also reach the milestone in the coming time.

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