“This could be said which the version brings a full new vitality for the overall game that is seriously popular in Vietnam - MapleStory M. After nearly 2 months of launch, MapleStory M has not yet disappointed fans in succession to prove its position on every front. Obviously, with cool gameplay, bright graphics, fun storyline... MapleStory M has completely inherited the charm in the "Dwarf Thunder Adventure" about the PC and also promoted it to a different level. At present, MapleStory M has once again designed a splash with fans, launching an exceptionally exciting new version together with the appearance of recent members of MapleStory 2 Mesos the identical name. a number of extremely interesting features.”

Up-to-date Research statistics demonstrate that MapleStory M has succeeded in holding its position on Top 10 Downloaded chart in Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines Google Play Store and Apple App Store to the several weeks inside a row. SEA (Southeast Asia) Maplers show us again that nostalgia will be the panacea of old-school franchise verging on mortality. MapleStory M is often a compound of blending nostalgic factors and trendy gestures together proportionally. Compared to a good amount of MOBAs accepted, MapleStory M might not regarded as the most effective in some ways, but surely essentially the most distinctive one from the heap.

If you want to buy MapleStory 2 Mesos that you are satisfied with, gamefo is your best choice.

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