"The Secret" has three major steps to follow if you are going to manifest what you want in your life. These steps are... ask for what you want, Alzeimer's X Protcol   believe that you already have what it is you asked for, and feel what it would feel like if you have already gotten what you asked for. I don't know what your own experience is with people around the time of "The Secret" movie, but many of my friends hopped right on the 'law of attraction' bandwagon and started becoming strangely upbeat. One of my friends from long ago by the name of Kim had a weight issue and must have been a good 80 pounds over-weight; she had tried different diets, working out with different trainers, and even went to fat camp! Nothing worked - well, to be honest she never stuck to anything for a long enough time for it to work for her. She had seen the movie nine times, and even had a shirt with "The Secret" plastered on it. I didn't need to ask Kim what she thought of the movie because she was beaming with this newfound attitude. She told me she did the three steps that was on "The Secret" day and night for a few weeks now, and felt like she was losing weight already. I had to have a talk with Kim because I cared deeply for her. "Kim," I said as we sat down to have a cup of tea at the park, "you're not losing weight sweetie, in fact I think you may have gained some weight." I burst her bubble then and there and felt awful about it at the time, but I had to say it. She was living in a world that was full of delusion and I had to get her back on the right track. Her diet was awful and she rarely exercised and even took her car to the grocery store one block away from where she lived. I knew there was no shortcut to losing weight and getting fit, so when I saw someone that thought that just by thinking and imagining their goal in their mind they would get what they wanted by no physical effort at all, I had to slap that person in the face and bring them back down to reality so that they could get back on track to achieving what they wanted.


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