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Frozen Invades MMORPG MapleStory, Will Let It Go in August

Until Aug. 10, Korean MapleStory players can send an icy blast of Disney's Frozen onto their game screens. New customization options add an…

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MapleStory 2 Players Keep Submitting And Selling Bigoted Items To The Shop

Players from the kid-friendly MMO MapleStory 2 claim that the player-created item shop is rife with racism and anime porn. The Maple Story…

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Alpha test MapleStory 2 will begin on September 17

Nexon has announced that MMORPG MapleStory 2 will enter the alpha test phase on September 17th. "">And a set of MapleStory 2 Mesos teste…

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MapleStory 2: Second Closed Beta will start today with Battle Royale mode and other news

For a period of 15 days, until August 1, the second closed beta of "MapleStory 2" in the west will begin today, at 14:00 (BRT), bringing se…

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Nexon partners with PlayFusion to operate a vehicle toys-to-life business

Online game company Nexon, the publisher behind side-scrolling MMO MapleStory, has inked a strategic partnership with toys-to-life outfit P…

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How does the rise in US and European business compare on the growth in Asia?

Daniel Kim: We're really bullish on North America and Europe today. Globally our business is increasing at a phenomenal rate, and it also's…

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Google discloses vulnerability in Fortnite launcher that allowed possible malware installation

While the situation was fixed right after Google made the data public, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney responded in the comment built to Android Centr…

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds dev drops lawsuit against Fortnite

No word on whether a settlement continues to be reached, but PUBG Crop has withdrawn on the legal battle. The dispute relating to the two l…

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With the recent launch in the anticipated First-Person-Shooter

Our exclusive event quests determined by major European cultural events have grown to be popular tradition of MapleStory Europe, so we know…

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The New ‘Maplestory M’ is Rated N for Nostalgia

The most heartbreaking thing about switching from the PC into a Macbook is actually no longer having the ability to play “Maplestory.” If y…

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