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Douglas Hawkes

Finally joined after months of reading. I've been reading here for years but have just joined. I enjoy Jogging and have made it a regular…

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Douglas Morgan

Hi there! Where should I start? I listen to mostly Garage rock, but my favorite singer is David Bowie. I'm considering going back to schoo…

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0 el viernes

Douglas Gladwell

Why hello there. I'm so excited to find an entire community of people like me. I really want to go on a trip to Shantou and have been plan…

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0 Sep 4

Douglas Barrington

Hi from Fresno. What can I say about myself. I go to a lot of concerts, but my favorite singer is Thom Yorke. I have 2 brothers who I'm ve…

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0 Ago 10

Douglas Morley

How are you! Thank you for visting my profile. I go to a lot of concerts, but my favorite singer is Brian Wilson. I'm in my forth year at…

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0 Mar 27

Douglas Fitzgerald

Hello, My name is Douglas. What's there to say about myself. My all-time favorite film is The Dark Knight Rises but I like all genres. I'm…

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0 Mar 20

Douglas Hilton

Welcome to my page! Where should I start? Dog Soldiers is one of my all-time favorite novels but I have many. I'm currently studying to be…

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0 Feb 28


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